Press Release Writing

When you have important news about your company, an event, a new product/service, or any other news-worthy announcement that requires the full attention of the global/geographical targeted audience, press release writing puts your announcement on a pedestal.

A good press release includes a compelling headline, a powerful lead paragraph, an informative body, and contact details. If written and syndicated correctly to the right audience, the end result could be a well-positioned message that generates the reach you need.

If you do not have any experience in how to write a press release or do not have enough time to draft a press release, then it’s our luck to grab the opportunity. We at Press Release Wire can help you in writing an effective and newsworthy press release and get it distributed to high domain authority news channels at an affordable price and within a limited period of time.

We draft a press release with the help of key points that you share with us. The key points may include an upcoming event, a website launch, a book release, a product/service launch, news about your company and etc. Based on the key points, we develop an effective press story for syndication. Once the draft is ready, we will send it across to you for review and if you feel any changes are required, do the necessary changes and send it back to us for distribution.

Please contact us by writing an email to (or) for your press release writing needs and queries.