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Introducing TelBari – Organic Herbal Products for Sensitive Skin
Date of Publishing: May 14, 2020

About TelBari LLC:
TelBari registered in 2005 in Nashville, TN, as an S Corporation. TelBari means in Hebrew “towards health.” TelBari came into the market for the first time with colored creams due to the color of vegetable oils and herbs. From 2008-2011 the company was operated in Philadelphia, PA.

About The Founder:
Claudia Evelina Cohn is a Ph.D. Biochemist and Cell Biologist with 25 years of experience. She also has two postdoctoral degrees in pharmacology and bacteriology from the United States. In time, came naturally to her to excel in universal energy reading, receiving the title of Reiki Master level 3 and Grandmaster level 9. Having a deep understanding of energy medicine and healing with herbs’ knowledge, she was able to formulate efficient therapeutic and beauty creams using organic herbs and high-quality vegetable oils.

Her background permitted her to find the best herbs that helped many customers finding healing or alleviation of their symptoms (see eczema, psoriasis). These products are very concentrated, being used in tiny quantities for a short period for desired results. The color of the creams matches the color of the oils used, meaning no bleaching like products has been used in our creams.

TelBari LLC
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