DataStrial in Search of Beta Testers for Their Analytics Platform

DataStrial allows you to communicate to consumers where they are using conversation analysis and communication tools and provide superior customer experiences.

London, UK, December 25, 2019 -(Press Release Wire)- UK based social media analytics SaaS-app is seeking users for its beta phase and UI auditors.

DataStrial is a social media analytics marketing platform based on social media networks, engagement of the audience and management across all social media networks. The primary selling point of the cloud-based application is that the application focuses on making use of all the relevant data of enterprises’ social media data, which says what your audience is discussing about your brand, said founder Rajendra Reddy.

“It’s like Google Analytics, except not for your website, but on all the other social media networks you have presence on,” said Akash, one of the developers. “We’re looking for beta testers.”

The company is currently focusing on launching their cloud-app first and then extend later to launching on iOS and Android platforms.

Social media platforms are one of the best places to communicate with customers for companies. This potential is being understood by advertisers and companies and flocking to social networks. Many don’t emphasize social media analytics.

Nonetheless, you’re going to go blind without any information or analytics to fuel your plan. And for anyone that never works, unless you’re lucky. That’s where DataStrial comes in. It clearly separates raw information and the actual data, thereby clearly showing you what your brand actually is and what it is when it reaches your potential customers.

The team is currently focusing on completing their development and also considering to design a pricing strategy based on some research.

“It’s truly an on-demand thing,” he said. “It’s for the companies who are needing to bridge the gap between luck of social media and the lack of having an expertise of the data domain.”

The beta test, which is going to begin on February 1, 2020, will be a program for 6 months and they have started sending out invitations to beta testers across the globe.

“The goal of the beta test is to be certain that DataStrial’s vision for there being a market for this is correct, that the basic fundamentals of our cloud-app work,” said the founder.

The idea for the app came out of a need by one of Rajendra’s initial clients and others in his line of work. He’s been in Software Development for about 10 years now.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” said Rajendra, who self-funded the app initially and later helped by a San-Fransisco based VC.

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