Addevice is Developing MVP Mobile Product with Flutter

Addevice mobile app development company continues successful implementation of Flutter platform for developing MVP mobile product.

Yerevan, Armenia | June 02, 2021 –[Press Release Wire]– The present-day lifestyle is so fast sometimes we find it difficult to catch up with the trends and changes. New technologies pop up every minute, and to keep up with the pace of most of the processes they are gradually automated. For web and mobile solutions, thousands of technologies, tools, and platforms simplify development processes and deliver high quality. Addevice, standing on the side of new tech-related solutions, uses top technologies for unique product development. One of the quality-driven platforms used by Addevice for developing MVP products is Flutter, a highly ranked open-source platform for building apps.

The Advantages of Flutter for MVP Products

The second generation of Flutter, which has been released just recently, is smooth and flexible, offering a better experience for users and developers. Addevice has found Flutter as one of the most flexible and productive tools for developing native apps. The open-source platform by Google is used for building mobile, web, and desktop apps using a single codebase. Unlike other platforms or solutions, Flutter is a complete software development kit with APIs, documentation, tools, and everything needed to create an app. Having a complete SDK to start with an app is great, but Flutter is way more functional. It is a cross-platform UI framework that helps to build native apps for iOS and Android devices with a single codebase. It is a huge step forward in cutting the time for native app development for both platforms. By optimizing the hours spent on building apps, Addevice cut the costs for app development.

Flutter is simple and “friendly” in all ways. The development team works with a framework based on the Dart programming language that has come to replace JavaScript. It is a highly optimizable language that can be compiled into the native code of the app and JavaScript. It is another advantage of Flutter, making the platform handy for budget projects saving on developing an app from scratch.

The development is based on widgets, the building blocks of Flutter that can be edited or changed independently even during testing. The set of ready-made widgets is broad, but the company always goes for customized ones.

The flexibility of Flutter and the versatility of templates and widgets give the company broad space to work and create on-demand apps such as Uber-like apps, Alibaba shopping apps with integrated Flutter features, messaging apps, and much more. Flutter, by no means, limits developers in features and functionality.

Integrating Flutter in app development, Addevice drives quality and high efficiency.

It is open-source. The developers have the support of a great Flutter community with debugging, testing, or simply discussing the latest trends of the platform. Plus, there is all the latest documentation and resources at open access.

Hot-reload and faster testing. Addevice cuts the time of building and prepares for deployment detecting and fixing bugs during testing.

Smooth cross-platform experience. The developers build solid UI designs for both platforms, not including any OS-specific UI components.

Creating MVP Products With Flutter

One of the critical phases of development is defining the MVP features of the product in the initial stages of research and analysis. MVP implies the initiation of all the must-have features for the app to make it the utmost functional. Addevice sets priorities during the first phase of collaboration and filters all the “may-have” features that can be ignored or applied later, depending on the project budget.

The company usually builds MVP deployment and tests the mobile app among the users to understand the response and make changes based on feedback. More often, after the first deployment of the MVP product, it is later updated with MAP features (minimum awesome product).

Addevice starts any project with comprehensive research of stakeholders’ requirements and expectations to build an app. Prioritizing MVP features pursues several goals.

  • Defining MVP on the stage of research and communication helps estimate app development’s ultimate costs.
  • MVP features make the app functional, responsive, and user-friendly.
  • For building an app with Flutter, initiating MVP features is the strategy for saving time on development.

Wrapping Up

Working on delivering high-quality products within tight deadlines and fixed budgets is a challenge. Addevice practices MVP defining a strategy to create a valuable app and implements the strategy on building the app with Flutter. The two components make up a top winning solution:

  • Flutter has an attractive design and highly responsive interface.
  • Accelerated app development process through pre-set MVP features and Flutter’s hot reload feature.
  • Creating cost-efficient apps by limiting app features with MVP and building on Flutter cross-platform.

Unique app driving value is not necessarily to be stuffed with dozens of features. Addevice works on sorting out the features that can make your app stand out in the market.

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