Order Cancellation

Payments, Deletion Request, Order Cancellation & Refund Policy

This document was last modified on 1st June 2019.

1. Payments Policy

We, at Press Release Wire, accept payment only through online to our following PayPal accounts.

However, the clients from India can pay us through NEFT transfer or cheque payment. Please contact us for more details.

2. Press Release Deletion Request (Pre & Post-payment Users)

A press release once distributed to our distribution network cannot be stopped/deleted/modified. The possibility of deletion/modification of a press release is applicable to those that are published on the Press Release Wire website only. However, under exceptional circumstances, we can accept your press release deletion/modification requests. These requests should come from the email that you used to place your order with us.

Please be mindful, that some of the websites at our distribution network may not accept deletion/modification requests. Kindly, double check your press release content before submitting it with us.

A handling charge of $150 per press release will be applicable for such requests and will take around 5-7 business days for your press release do get removed/modified.

Note: Users who have published their press release with our Post-payment option, will have to pay the handling charges of $150 before we accept the deletion request.

3. Order Cancellation & Refund Policy (Pre & Post-payment Users)

A press release is distributed within 3-24hrs from the time you submit it with us.

We accept the order cancellation, only if your press release is not sent out within the first 3 hours from the time you submitted it to us. Please make sure, the order cancellation request has to come from the same email ID from which you placed your order.

A 100% refund will be done within 24-48 hours, only if such requests are done as stated above.

For more details, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected].