Directory Submission

Directory submission is one of the traditional link-building strategies that involve the submission of basic information about your website to internet directories. During the submission process, we will add your website URL, title, description, keywords, and category under which you wish your website to be listed in the directories.

Though the oldest method of link building technique, directory submission has been one of the most tried and true ways of getting your website/business promoted and also getting indexed by most of the search engines. This method has been recommended by Google itself until recently for generating strong backlinks to your website.

There are different types of directories websites available over the internet. Some of the web directories are for paid, some of them are for free, while others have both the options. There are many web directories available dedicated to specific niches or categories as well. We submit your website to both free and paid directories.

We make sure the submission details are well-formatted to have a maximum acceptance rate. We also make sure to submit your website under the right categories so that it gets the attention it deserves from the editors and search engines.

If you’re interested to learn more in detail about our directory submission service, it’s pricing, and features, then feel free to contact us by filling out the get in touch form available on the right-side. We will respond to your queries as quickly as possible.

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