Data Transcription

Data transcription is a process by which audio and/or video recording is interpreted or translated into words that can then be studied and coded.

The main objective of performing the data transcription process is to transform the content from one format to another, according to the client’s requirement. Authenticity & accuracy of data is the most crucial parts while performing any data transcription service.

Usually, the main domains where data transcription services find use are for business, finance, legal, education, medical and entertainment purposes. As a part of our transcription services, we transcribe notes, minutes of meetings, routine correspondence, interviews, focus groups, investigations, conferences, telephone conversations, interviews, and hearings.

Whether it is audio transcription services or manuscript typing services, we do it all for you with accuracy, authenticity, and speed. We provide our clients with a customized service that is efficient and professional.

We provide you with quick, timely, and affordable data transcription services and also ensure that your work gets completed efficiently and cost-effectively.

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