Applied AI Consulting Launched a Revolutionary Marketing Intelligence Platform Name “MARXEED” Powered by AI

Applied AI Consulting, on this eve of the new year 2020, has launched the smartest AI-Based Tool in the marketing Industry named “marXeed”.

Pune, Maharashtra – India, February 4, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Applied AI Consulting, on this eve of the new year 2020, has launched the smartest AI-Based Tool in the marketing Industry named “marXeed”. It is a tool that helps you optimize and accelerate your marketing campaign execution with predictability and quality.

marXeed is the first detailed tool available in the market which uses AI to help marketers discover new content ideas that perform well and validate those content ideas in the most efficient way possible. With its ability to generate quality marketing content that is predictable and helps accelerate the marketing campaign, marXeed will appeal to all the marketing professionals who focus on content marketing including SEO professionals, content writers, social media marketers, digital marketing consultants, etc. Creating content for digital marketing campaigns is arguably one of the most challenging tasks. Considering the complexity of a given industry, the job of creating the content that resonates with the audience is harder than you think. Considering the diverse demographics and audience personas, one should optimize the content well enough to make a powerful impact on your readers.

This is precisely why we’ve launched marXeed, our AI-powered content intelligence platform. marXeed leverages AI technology that automates keyword searches, topic research, the creation of data-driven content briefs, content promotion, and performance tracking. marXeed addresses your keyword as a query along with the target locations and unfolds the magic.

“We have released this tool by keeping marketing professional’s challenges in mind. We want our customers to focus on acceleration, not just create content. We build all of our products keeping quality & predictability at their core and then adding industry-leading speed and reliability to the mix. And we want to start with transforming digital marketing.” says Vijay Roy, Cofounder, AppliedAI Consulting.

marXeed gives you the power to measure your content metrics over time, so you can track performance at scale. And it offers smart recommendations on how to improve content effectiveness. As a launch offer, we are giving a FREE downloadable sample report to get started with your content marketing campaigns.

Reasons why every marketer will need marXeed.
marXeed is a marketing ally. It is a tool for all the marketers that makes life simpler and completes the customer journey with ease. Detailed features include:

1. Intelligent Keyword Searches
This will help you to get the “Outside-In “ view of what keywords are being searched today in the market. Get there before your competitors.

2. Refine Your Content Cluster
It helps you deliver ideal content that is most relevant to the individual through AI-generated content clustering and interpretation of data.

3. Accounts to target
Your account-based marketing strategy will be simplified as these accounts will zero down your sweet spot and expedite your outreach.

4. Promotion
In order to expand your content reach and amplify your brand, marXeed provides a trending AI-generated hashtag list, Quora queries, and StackOverflow queries.

We at Applied AI Consulting love processes, automation, and checklists. We are marketers who are still engineers at heart and approach digital marketing in the same way-the engineer’s way – ‘Make it lean, focused, efficient and affordable’. For us, digital marketing is a combination of ‘Art, Science, Psychology, and Engineering’.

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