As COVID-19 Deaths Continue to Rise, The Grieving Process Is Changing for Americans

COVID-19 has changed the way Americans grieve and the process is causing a rise to a set of norms.

Juneau, AK – USA | January 20, 2021 –(Press Release Wire)– As the death toll from COVID-19 crosses the 400,000 mark, Americans find it harder to gather and grieve. Instead, many are looking at alternative ways to honor their loved ones with online funerals and personalized ash scattering ceremonies.

According to the latest figures from the National Funeral Directors Association (, the rates for cremations have climbed over the past ten years and are expected to increase steadily due to COVID-19. That rise in the numbers of cremation services has caused crematoriums in some states to work overtime. It also leaves loved ones facing a unique challenge.

“Families in the United States are used to dealing with grief in the same manner that their grandparents may have done. But due to COVID-19, that is just not happening”, says Stan Reese, president of Eternal Alaska, a premiere ash scattering service.

“Even those families who have experienced a death that was not due to the pandemic have seen restrictions put on their memorial gatherings”, Reese continues. “Social distancing has made it hard enough to have a standard funeral. But the fact that many funeral homes are seeing an overwhelming number of deaths, the availability of services are scarce.”

Reese says that might be one reason why cremations are on the rise.

According to the latest statistics from the NFDA, cremations outpaced traditional burials in 2020 and should continue the trend in the coming years.

The latest figures show that 56% of the deaths in the United States resulted in cremation in 2020. That is nearly 20% higher than the number of traditional burials. Those figures add up to about 1.6 million cremations in the U.S. this year.

Those numbers confirm that the grieving process is changing and Reese says his company wants to help with the new normal.

“In the past, when people were cremated, their ashes might have been left in an urn to be displayed on a shelf but too often, as time goes by, that urn is forgotten and the ashes become a burden”, Reese explains. “Over the last several years, there has been a trend to scatter the loved one’s ashes in a special place but even that comes with limitations now.“

Travel restrictions, even self-imposed, are limiting the opportunity to scatter a loved one’s ashes according to their wishes and Reese says that is why he created a solution.

“Eternal Alaska is a premiere ash scattering service that caters to those who want a more personal touch. We arrange to pick up the ashes from the family and we personally escort the ashes to Alaska where the ashes are given a magnificent place to rest,” Reese states. “With the Aurora Borealis, majestic mountains, and pure landscapes, it is a perfect place for a distinguished memorial”.

Reese points out that his service differs from other ash scattering operations because he arranges to pick up the ashes from the family and fly with the ashes to Alaska where they are scattered with dignity. Other companies, he points out, require the family to mail the ashes.

“Putting a stamp on a loved one’s remains and shipping them off to the post office just doesn’t seem honorable,” Reese adds.


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