Atellier Studio Now Enters into the 3D World

Atellier studio, An innovative animation studio in Pune, India, announced their all-inclusive 3D animation product services since this December.

Pune, Maharashtra – India, December 30, 209 –(Press Release Wire)– An animation studio with 7 years of experience in product and jewellery animation is all set to become a complete solution provider for all your needs. 2D and 3D together make them a studio with comprehensive solutions.

Their simplified workflow makes them favourite amongst their clients.

First clients provide them with rough designs, paper drawings and photographs. Then 3D in house artists of Atellier Studios make a 3D model out of it. A visualization script is prepared, keeping in mind that the 3D model. The script contains the camera angles and complete instructions on how this particular video is going to be shot. Then it is sent for client approval.

The process is repeated until they get a nod from the client. After getting the nod from the client, the 3D model is animated followed by final lighting, texturing and rendering, and now the video is ready!

It is delivered in 2 versions, moderate quality WhatsApp version and High-Quality HD version. The final video is rich with graphics, excellent backgrounds and high quality and voice over.

“Today’s video marketing has changed a lot! We are consuming videos a lot more than before. So, we see major growth in ​3D animation​ in coming years, even small firms, SMEs would start using 3D animation in their marketing plan!” opined CEO of Atellier Studio, Vikrat Shinde.

So far, ​Atellier videos​ have created a trusted client base and garnered praise from industry experts, UPS, CADC and brands like these form a significant chunk of their portfolio.

If you are looking for a high-end video solution to spread the brand across, you can trust Atellier Studios. They have everything required to produce a cutting edge video. They can boost your brand image in this competitive era of aggressive sales and marketing.

Press & Media Contact:
Vikkrant Shinde
Atellier Studio
Pune, Maharashtra – India
+91 91759 90980