Benseron Hospitality Changes Company Name to Linga

Benseron Hospitality has changed their company name to “Linga.” Under the new company name, Linga rOS has been announced as the new flagship product. The new cloud-based rOS product will be the first of its kind. As such, the company and add-on services will all be adopting new, enhanced logos.

Naples, FL – USA, July 03, 2019 –(Press Release Wire)– Ahead of the unveiling of their new flagship rOS product, Benseron Hospitality has changed their company name to “Linga.”

The rising star in restaurant technologies announced today that the change was made in order to emphasize the release of their most innovative and trusted product, the Linga rOS (restaurant operating system). The announcement reflects the company’s broader commitment to driving the innovations needed to shape the future of restaurant management. For over 14 years, Linga (formerly Benseron Hospitality) has been synonymous with providing a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective way for restaurant owners to run their business. Using cloud-based technology and a world-class support structure, Linga aims to reinvent the way technology and restaurants interface with customers.

By rebranding, Linga plans to offer restaurant owners the world’s first complete restaurant operating system based on cloud technology. Boasting a catalog of products designed to offer owners every feature they need to run a successful restaurant franchise, Linga rOS looks to replace the relationship owners have with their standard POS system provider. The newly announced platform includes; Loyalty, Online Ordering, Scheduling, Kiosk, Call Center, Central Kitchen, Inventory Management, Waitlist, Payroll Management, Accounts Payable and others.

Further, as part of this exciting global company rebranding effort, Linga and its growing list of add-on services will all be adopting new logos that better express their catalog of products and services.

Press & Media Contact:
Miguel Gonzalez