Combined TMS and Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression at the Mood Center

TMS and Ketamine Infusion offer new hope for patients with treatment-resistant depression.

Annapolis, MD, USA | February 16, 2023 –[Press Release Wire]– TMS and ketamine succeed where traditional treatments for depression have failed.

Antidepressant medications do not always work for severe depression. For years, psychiatrists have been frustrated by their lack of efficacy for treating mood disorders.

Patients with depression begin to lose hope when one psychiatric drug after another fails to relieve their symptoms. After years of being prescribed traditional antidepressants without any improvement, they may begin to entertain suicidal thoughts.

Day after day, the burden of struggling through daily life feels overwhelming, and nothing seems to help. Suicidal ideation occurs when a person is in emotional pain without any relief in sight.

How is it possible, with so many different antidepressants on the market, that patients cannot find relief? Unfortunately, psychiatrists respond to treatment failure with one antidepressant by simply trying another.

This dead end therapeutic merry-go-round can waste years of a person’s life. Instead of feeling better, they go on feeling depressed while also suffering from various drug side effects.

TMS and Ketamine Infusion offer new hope for patients with treatment-resistant depression.

Fortunately, there is a solution for people who are tired of taking antidepressants that simply don’t work for them. In fact, there are two safe and effective solutions that transcend the limitations of traditional antidepressant medications.

Ketamine therapy is an IV infusion treatment that utilizes the brain-healing medication, ketamine to treat depression. When medications such as Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft fail to provide relief for depressive symptoms, IV ketamine works consistently to bring relief to those who suffer from major depressive disorder or bipolar depression.

Patients who come to our ketamine clinic for depression receive a series of treatments that progressively reduce the severity of their symptoms. Our patients feel better, they enjoy life more, and they are able to function again with their families, friends, and coworkers.

In addition to ketamine IV infusion, The Mood Wellness Center also offers TMS for depression in Annapolis or repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. TMS is a non-invasive therapy that treats depression with a magnetic field.

TMS is not the same as electroconvulsive therapy. Instead of sending electrical shocks through the brain, TMS uses magnetic induction, creating mild currents deep in the brain to elevate mood and relieve depressive symptoms.

TMS is safe and effective. Patients have the option to get TMS therapy, ketamine therapy, or they can do both treatments at the same time.

Combined TMS and ketamine (CTK) is a proven therapy that works better than TMS or ketamine alone.

Combination therapy with TMS plus ketamine infusion is the ultimate healing therapy for patients with treatment-resistant depression.

New therapies offer hope to people who cannot function due to major depressive disorder.

Experts have begun to put aside the old “chemical imbalance” model of depression. If you are depressed, there is nothing wrong with your brain.

You do not necessarily need antidepressants to adjust your brain chemistry on a daily basis. However, a series of TMS and ketamine infusions can get you back on your feet again.

Let the Mood Wellness Center in Annapolis, Maryland, near the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, help you find joy in your life. TMS and ketamine provide the brain healing power to make it possible for you to fill your life with happiness. Call today so we can discuss the available options for ketamine or TMS, or combination therapy.

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