Cybersecurity Woman of the Year to Partner with Cyber Security Hub

Cybersecurity Woman of the Year (CSWY) will partner in 2021 with Cyber Security Hub.

Roseville, CA – USA | December 01, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Cybersecurity Woman of the Year (CSWY), an annual global awards event spotlighting women for their outstanding achievements in the field of security, will partner in 2021 with Cyber Security Hub.

“We are looking forward to partnering with a leading publication like Cyber Security Hub because this partnership will give our event additional visibility within the global cybersecurity and privacy community,” said Carmen Marsh, the founder of CSWY, the CEO & Managing Partner at Inteligenca Inc. and the President of United Cybersecurity Alliance. “With the ability to reach new audiences, more people will be able to nominate amazing women they know for an opportunity to become a role model and global award winner.”

2021 will be the third year of the CSWY awards. The first event took place in Las Vegas during the Black Hat cybersecurity conference. This year’s event was held in Roseville, California for a combined in-person and virtual ceremony as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Previous winners of CSWY Awards include Ms. Diana Waithanji, Ms. Noureen Njoroge, Ms. Julie Cullivan, Ms. Victoria Beckman, Ms. Deidre Diamond, Ms. Chris Kubecka, and Ms. Ludmila Morozova-Buss.

“The Cybersecurity Woman of the Year awards is something we immediately recognized as an event we wanted to support,” said Dorene Rettas, Cyber Security Hub’s Managing Director. “As the global B-to-B site devoted to providing the latest and most relevant information related to cyber security, we at Cyber Security Hub aim to support everyone who is currently in or looking into a career in cyber security. Women make up less than 25% of the cyber security workforce and recognition is essential. We are thrilled to be embarking on this new partnership to support women in cyber security and to encourage others to follow their lead.”

Marsh and Rettas will work together to identify potential role models for women considering a cybersecurity career. It is their plan to amplify the messages from a new generation of women working in security. Doing so will demonstrate that cybersecurity is both viable and exciting for women looking to have an impact on an industry eager to change and invite new input into the field.

Marsh is hoping to take the event back to Las Vegas for next year’s Black Hat conference, if the event happens. If not, Marsh says they’ll do another hybrid in-person/virtual event next year.

“The spirit amongst those who come out for this event is quite moving,” Marsh said. “We had people stay up late into the evening and early morning hours so they could join our event. And there is reason for people around the world to join us as we’ve had past winners from Africa, Australia, Europe, South & North America, and Asia. You never know who might win.”

Marsh said the nominations will open to the public on January 15 with the awards scheduled for the first week of August, 2021. Anyone can nominate a potential winning by submitting a name at CSWY.

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