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Scrubbio is 8-in-1 and the world’s first Magnetic Multifunctional Silicone Brush.

Macon, France | May 14th, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Scrubbio is made to help us to preserve nature by drastically reducing our mass production, by replacing our disposable products and by offering a sustainable product alternative.

Indeed, Scrubbio is made from a durable and easily recyclable silicone. It can be used for years.

Its shape has been studied to allow it to replace a maximum of objects in your kitchen or bathroom like a sponge for washing dishes, a vegetable brush, a utensil holder, a pot holder, a trivet, a coaster, a soap dish or a bath brush.

It can also be used to grab toasts from a toaster, as a brush to wash a body, as a brush for animals, as a brush to wash windows or to help open jars, etc.

The form offers hundreds of possible uses.

Scrubbio is therefore the first magnetic silicone sponge. This allows it to land easily on most magnetic surfaces. Thus, this silicone sponge is instantly accessible in an emergency.

It is also very practical to fix under certain pans to use it as a trivet. It’s a very smart tool.

Scrubbio is so fun and useful for your home. We hope that this funny aspect will encourage more people to use this product rather than using single-use products.

In addition, the magnet is very practical to help sort it for easier recycling and transform it into insulating brick.

Scrubbio is the latest generation of environmentally friendly silicone Brush for Kitchen & Bathroom.

Scrubbio is made with recyclable & ultra durable high quality silicone.

Scrubbio was designed and invented by the French designer Yannick HESCH (

The manufacturing and marketing will be led by the brand ZUNIK which already offers many innovative products for the kitchen and home.

ZUNIK intends to propose many other fun and practical objects in the future.

ZUNIK works primarily for the development of innovative everyday objects for the kitchen and home.

Thank you for your attention and support.

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Making an eco-responsible product fun can make a product popular and should therefore help to be more eco-responsible.

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