Disruptive Technologies Launches Dashboards Feature in Studio Providing an Easy-to-Use Interface and Analytics

Studio is a simple yet powerful web-app allowing users to easily manage their sensors and make any building smart in minutes. Dashboards makes it even easier!

Oslo, Norway, November 07, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Disruptive Technologies, the creator of the world’s smallest wireless sensors, announces an update to their web-app, Studio. The new Dashboards feature brings an easy-to-use interface to Studio for displaying sensor data in a shared view while applying simple analytics. It is now easier than ever to set up a proof-of-concept, compare data from sensors, and get a quick overview of a full installation.

Studio allows users to organize projects, manage access, and quickly set up integrations to other systems or services. In addition, you can set customized notifications for all of your sensors and receive an email based on your pre-determined needs. When a customer receives their sensors, they register as a user, get access to Studio, stick the sensors where needed, and immediately manage their assets. Anyone can easily retrofit any building or equipment to be smart in minutes. It is a one-step process and there is no need for technical expertise or to rip and replace existing infrastructure.

The set-up takes only minutes.

Disruptive Technologies Studio offers numerous innovative features:

– Drag-and-drop customizable interface

– Faster navigation speed

– Automatic calculation of min, max and average values

– Overlay data from multiple temperature sensors in one view

– Simple integration and API

– Touch identify

– Fleet management

– Full-screen mode

– Overview of sensor connectivity

– Customizable alerts

– Easy sensor allocation

– Sensor and project naming

– Access control

– Best-in-class security

“Our Studio update provides a straightforward way for our clients to monitor their assets,” said Bengt Johannes Lundberg, CEO of Disruptive Technologies. “This Dashboards feature provides a customized overview and can help anyone increase efficiency and cost-savings by providing valuable insights.”

With Disruptive Technologies sensors and Studio application, you can validate a proof-of-concept or use the insights for energy optimization, remote monitoring, desk occupancy and even cold storage. See more use cases and sign up for a free demo to experience DT studio.

About Disruptive Technologies:
Founded in 2013, Disruptive Technologies is the developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors. Their sensing solutions simplify data collection and enable digital retrofitting and remote monitoring of all buildings and equipment. Disruptive Technologies are the experts in making buildings more efficient and sustainable in minutes. Learn more at www.disruptive-technologies.com

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Pippa Boothman
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