EnWeb Editor Version 1.0 – HTML Editor

EnWeb is an easy to use yet powerful HTML source code editor for Windows.

Portsmouth, Hampshire – U.K. | December 07, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– EnWeb is an easy to use yet powerful HTML source code editor for Windows. Features include additional built-in custom commands that do the work of dozens of HTML and CSS statements, code generator dialogs, include library files directly within your programs, cross-browser compatibility, multi-document tab interface, create your own project directories, library file manager, syntax highlighting and much more.

Designed to make web programming easy. Simply use the editor to enter your HTML or any of the additional built-in custom commands and create your own homepage or a complete web site.

EnWeb editor 1.0 is perfect for anyone who is looking for clean, uncomplicated software for their web development needs. In terms of look and feel, the pages created with this website builder is no less impressive than anything created using more complex design tools.

The latest release delivers new features and enhancements that let users add more design elements to a web page and specify its look through easy-to-use code dialogs. Simply select an object to add, type in your parameters into the dialog input fields and click OK.

New features in version 1.0:

  • Additional built-in web components
  • Include library files within source code
  • Create your own project directories
  • Customizable syntax highlighting
  • Code generator dialogs
  • View pages using multiple browsers
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Block comment/uncomment
  • Multiple edit Undo and Redo
  • Save selected text as library files
  • Find and replace text within programs
  • Print source code / selected text
  • Save and restore backup files
  • Built-in color selector
  • Wrap text within the edit window
  • Rename program files
  • Indent program code
  • Program example files
  • Convert selected text
  • Editor preferences
  • Built-in library manager
  • Change file associations
  • Sort selected text
  • Go to line numbers
  • Include special characters

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Ross Carter
Lason Software
16 Mayfield Rd, North End,
Portsmouth, Hampshire PO2 0RW
United Kingdom