Fonthill Marketplace Dental Announces Business Expansion

Fonthill Marketplace Dental has come up with a new business expansion to help their patients in the best possible manner.

Fonthill, ON – Canada | July 28, 2021 –[Press Release Wire]– Fonthill Marketplace Dental has come up with a new business expansion to help their patients in the best possible manner. The company is well aware of the consequences and their significance in the market. The clinic located at the New Fonthill Marketplace Plaza is well equipped with advanced technologies to provide the most reliable dental services.

The clinic announced a new business expansion that says the clinic would target patients from Fonthill and Welland. They have laid the crucial and indispensable emphasis on the values which are trust, integrity, and respect.

Dr. Thomas McMurran, the clinic representative, says, “We are happy to announce our huge business expansion. We believe that each business should have the major goal to achieve and it is what keeps them moving. Our patients have always been our topmost priority and it is what that kept us going. Through this expansion, we do not only wish to help patients from Fonthill, but Welland also.”

Fonthill Marketplace Dental provides a range of services, including Dental exams, Teeth Polishing, Dental Cleaning, Fluoride Treatments, and checking and cleaning. It includes extractions, root canals, bridges, crowns, composite fillings, and dentures when it comes to restoration. For cosmetics, patients can get bonding, teeth whitening, inlays, bonding, implants, and overlays.

About Fonthill Marketplace Dental:

Fonthill Marketplace Dental is one of the most advanced clinics for providing dental services. We have been persistent with your vision and mission to offer global services. The clinic is equipped with advanced equipment and technology and has recruited experienced dentists and surgeons, setting the highest standard of transparency, ethics, hygiene, customer services, and clinic safety. At Fonthill Marketplace Dental, the goal is to help patients attain beautiful smiles and build their confidence. The aim is to serve the patients with the best services!

Fonthill Marketplace Dental has a courteous and friendly environment that puts their patients’ needs at the foremost priority, along with making their every visit convenient and comfortable. The professionals are highly talented and have adequate knowledge to provide the best care possible. Most of the dentists working here are part of the local Fonthill community. Besides, the clinic strives to utilize all the latest development and innovations to provide you and your family great smiles. It also offices emergency services at flexible hours. The high-tech equipment used by the clinic provides faster, authentic, and precise services to the patients!

Press & Media Contact:
Dr. Thomas McMurran
Fonthill Marketplace Dental
130 Hwy 20 E Unit A-6,
Fonthill, ON, L0S 1E6
+1 (905) 892-0476