Forbes’ “Digital Trendsetter” and Digital Marketing Guru, Shaqir Hussyin Shares Trade Knowledge

Shaqir Hussyin shares his knowledge with his online students on High Ticket Marketing, Digital Publishing, Live Events and Seminars, Email marketing, Webinars, Online Marketing and Sales funnels.

London, United Kingdom, July 03, 2019 –(Press Release Wire)– Shaqir Hussyin has gained much acclaim for being the backpack millionaire and travelling over a hundred countries and running an 8-figure business. He helps entrepreneurs start, grow and scale widely profitable businesses. Not only does his experience as an entrepreneur allow him to be able to mentor other aspiring business owners, he teaches his students to attract clients rather than chase them.

Since 2009, he has had over half a million subscribers and members join his team. He is responsible for managing to launch ten top brands that have gone on to become multi-million dollar businesses.

Experts in the industry have said, “Shaqir has become an expert at driving traffics in tremendous numbers at his whim, and for someone at his age to be able to do that, is commendable and admirable to say the least. He is a secret weapon for the industry’s top producers.”

His signature program Max Income System has facilitated over five hundred thousand subscribers and his students online to be able to learn how to maximize profit for entrepreneurs and small business owners. His methods are focused on tapping into the true potential of one’s self and overcoming challenges and hurdles with the help of his tried and tested methods. His website aims to deliver tips currently used in the market in the field of digital marketing for those who are interested.

In this age of digital marketing the trends online keep changing quickly and frequently. It can be difficult for small businesses to keep up with the change and use their marketing tools effectively. To keep up with fast paced changes, businesses and business owners need to be well equipped with the right tactics that are bound to deliver results.

The website targets digital marketers and aspires to teach them how to expand their businesses with updated strategies and how to get most in return on investment. Students and aspiring digital marketers are taught three golden keys which includes “Riding the trends,” “Automates Sales funnels” and “Direct Response Marketing.” The company also offers interested parties access to the WealthAcademy Newsletter so that subscribers can benefit from it and stay updated.

Individuals interested in learning more about Shaqir Hussyin can do so through his website and information given below.

About Shaqir Hussyin:
Shaqir helps entrepreneurs start, grow and scale a profitable online business using his WACORE5 Methodology. He was able to build his own empire at the age of 28 despite having dropped out of university. He is the founder of and the creator of He is considered UK’s leading digital marketing guru.

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