Gas Station is Going Millennial Pink

Members Only Pink Station Slated To Open Doors in Houston TX Summer 2020.

Houston, TX – USA, January 3, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– The Pink Station will address an issue that few talk about. Feeling unsafe.

Houstonians no longer want to feel scared pumping gas and going to convenience stores.

With the Pink Station, members can get full service gas pumping, oil checks, and tire fill ups without ever leaving their vehicle. Members can also grab a smoothie or other healthy artisanal options, let their fur baby out for a walk, and shop local small businesses safely.

The business will focus on wellness both physically and mentally, while making sure every client feels safe and secure.


• Members Only
• Full Service gas pumping, charging, tire fills, and oil checks
• Artisanal Market
• 24/7 Security
• Cashless
• Pink Bark Park
• Monthly Community Events
• Monthly Charity Donation and Voting Privileges for Members
• Gated Access
• Electric Charging Stations
• Pop Up Shops Supporting Local Small Businesses

Pink Station is currently crowdfunding. You can help fund this project by clicking the link below:

Press & Media Contact:
Shania Khan
+1 917-402-0038