Heart In Diamond: Nearly 1 in Every 3 Respondents Thinks Diamonds from Human Ashes are “Creepy”

Founded in 2005 in the UK, Heart In Diamond is the world-renowned manufacturer of unique laboratory grown diamonds. We specialize in creating 100% genuine diamonds produced from the hair or cremated remains of humans and animals. Our diamonds are made to help people all around the world celebrate love, and we are proud of every single story that’s been turned into a stunning diamond.

Los Angeles, CA – USA | March 22, 2022 –[Press Release Wire]– Despite becoming increasingly popular, diamonds made from ashes are still something of a taboo subject. As they’re rarely spoken about in the open, there are many common misconceptions about the unique gemstones. Some people don’t even know they exist.

A cremation diamond is an incredibly powerful tool people can use to help navigate through the grieving process and speed up healing. To raise awareness about the precious keepsakes so they can help as many people as possible, we decided to find out what the average American thinks about diamonds in general and diamonds made from ashes in particular.

We offered people from all over the United States the chance to take part in our diamond survey and some of the results were very surprising. Take a look at the survey for yourself and see if you agree with the responses.

Over 5 million Americans spend more than $2,000 on diamond jewelry per year

Despite diamonds having the reputation as being a luxury purchase exclusively for special occasions, a surprising number of people buy diamond jewelry each year.

The survey revealed that 31% of adults in the US have purchased diamond jewelry at least once over the past five years. Most people spent under $1,000 (15% of everyone surveyed) or $1,001-$10,000 (14% of everyone surveyed). However, 2% of those surveyed went all out and spent more than $10,000 on diamond jewelry over the past five years.

77% of respondents don’t know that ashes can be turned into real diamonds

Turning diamonds into ashes is something of a taboo subject and because of this, few people even know it’s possible. The results from our survey proved this, with just 23% of people being aware of the existence of cremation diamonds.

Nearly 6 million Americans think lab-grown diamonds are superior to mined diamonds

As lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, views about them are changing for the better. 11% of everyone surveyed believed lab-grown diamonds to be more sustainable than mined diamonds and 13% believed lab-grown diamonds to be the more affordable option.

These statements are both true, which makes it unsurprising that almost 6 million people in the US consider lab-grown diamonds to be superior to mined diamonds.

More than half the people surveyed (57%) didn’t believe there was any difference in price or quality between the two types of gemstone, believing lab-grown and mined diamonds to be essentially identical.

Nearly 25% of respondents think that lab-grown diamonds will take over mined diamonds

As people learn more about lab-grown diamonds and the number of ways in which they’re superior to mined diamonds, a high percentage of shoppers are choosing them as the cheaper, more sustainable and more ethical option.

When asked if they thought lab-grown diamonds were likely to replace mined diamonds in the future, 3% were absolutely certain that they would. Although they weren’t as sure, 20% of those surveyed also agreed that lab-grown diamonds were likely to take over mined diamonds, while 12% were unsure.

Nearly 1 in every 3 respondents thinks diamonds from human ashes are “creepy”

As diamonds made from ashes aren’t common knowledge and aren’t openly spoken about, many people have the wrong idea about the unique type of memorial jewelry. While many view a diamond made from the ashes of a loved one as a precious and beautiful thing, some people find it dark and creepy.

Out of everyone surveyed, 33% thought the notion of a cremation diamond was gross and weird. However, 22% of people thought that ashes made from diamonds were a good idea and they’d purchase one if it was cheaper, more sustainable and they could be certain it was a true diamond.

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