How A Group of Marketers in Metro Atlanta Helps Local Businesses Get Discovered

SEO Guru Atlanta focuses on making it easy for people who search on Google and other search engines to find local businesses.

Cumming, GA – USA | July 16, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– One of the biggest problems for local businesses is being found by the people who want to do business with you. Everyone knows the little hole in the wall restaurant that serves an amazing rack of ribs, but what about the brand new plumber that just went into business for himself for the first time?

It takes a long time to develop a strong reputation, and often it can require a great deal of word of mouth marketing. Some businesses try to get past this by spending a lot on advertisements.

But what if a business doesn’t have a huge advertising budget? Or what if the business only operates in a small area? Starting a business is difficult enough, but how does a business get people to hear about it?

That’s what Jeff Tormey and his company, SEO Guru Atlanta, specialize in.

Jeff Tormey, an Atlanta resident and serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in online marketing, founded SEO Guru Atlanta with the belief that all businesses should have a shot at being found.

“Our system is one that I’ve developed over the years in my businesses,” says Tormey, “and my businesses were always able to appear in Google searches. That’s how my businesses grew. My system worked for me, so I wanted to see if it worked for others. Turns out, it did: very well. Now we’re responsible for ranking several businesses on the front page of Google.”

SEO Guru Atlanta focuses on making it easy for people who search on Google and other search engines to find local businesses.

“If you need a plumber and you live in Cumming, you’ll likely go to Google and search ‘plumber in cumming ga’ or something like that. Then, Google will give you a list of plumbers that serve the Cumming area. What we do is we make it so that local businesses can appear at the top of that list. That’s how my businesses got their customers, and it’s how our clients grow,” explains Tormey.

So what is this system? Tormey says it’s a proprietary system of processes, developed by him and his team over the past decade, that tells Google how a business’s website should be ranked.

“We can’t spill the beans too much, but the way we get Google to rank local businesses is to present those local businesses as authoritative and trustworthy. Our job is to make Google understand that our clients are experts in their field, that they do operate in a specific area, and that they’re trustworthy enough to be considered. It’s built specifically for businesses that operate in a small local radius, but it also works for our national and international clients too.”

If you are starting a local business and want to get ranked on Google, contact SEO Guru Atlanta for a consultation at (678) 520-9925. Visit for more details!

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