Janadhar India has Deployed its Cadre for Delhi Assembly Elections 2020

Janadhar India, an established election campaign management company has deployed its team of political analysts in Delhi to help candidate and political parties to manage assembly elections in 2020.

New Delhi, India, December 30, 2019 –(Press Release Wire)– Janadhar India, has deployed its team of best political analysts to read the pulse of voters in Delhi. The team has surveyed more than 10 percent of voters population in each assembly constituency and got insights like performance of current government and MLA, ground issues, caste equation, influencers and more.

“At Janadhar India, we always believe that the major challenge is to design campaign after analysing voters pulse, ground issues and their media consumption. We help politicians in reaching out all voters so that the voter get the right communication. We have already started working for more than 10 MLA aspirants in Delhi. We have a great team of political consultant and campaign managers to help MLA candidates by designing their campaign that not only win voters but also help them to get ahead in queue of party ticket. We are sure that our current study and insights will help political parties, and candidates fighting upcoming elections to plan their campaign in a right direction.” Said Manish Jha, Founder and Political Analyst at Janadhar India.

The voter pulse study is done by 100 cadres (Janadhar India volunteers) at booth level covering key influencers, voters and key stake holders from all segment of respective assembly constituency. The analysis have all key parameters like, party’s performance, sitting candidate’s performance, competition analysis, voter’s pulse, major issues, incumbency factors, social media presence and many more.

About Janadhar India:
Janadhar India is a Political consulting and Election Campaign Management company in Delhi. We have successfully managed and demonstrated best election campaign strategies in recently held Lok Sabha elections and assembly elections in Jharkhand, Haryana, Maharashtra, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab and Gujarat Assembly Elections.

At Janadhar India its principal objective is to help clients maintain an authentic and attention-grabbing communication campaign with the voter to help define the ideology of the party and the contestant so that the client is triumphant on the election day. The efficacy of our political and election campaign management and strategy successfully manifested in recent assembly and general elections. Creative and local strategy, election war-room, cross- platform media combined with cutting-edge advertising and technology, our team’s profound expertise is employed to design and deliver all communications of the client/constituent to the end voter.

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