Living With Depression Today to Partner With US Clinics to Raise Awareness for COVID-19 Mental Health Issues In America

The mental healthcare blog is seeking local clinics in the USA to help spread awareness on rising depression rates during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United-States of America.

New York City, NY – USA | June 16th, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Mental healthcare and lifestyle blog Living With Depression has announced a partnership program aiming to work with US mental health clinics. The program seeks to help spread awareness on the importance of strong mental healthcare and easier access to care via telehealth in the wake of COVID-19.

Growing Depression Rates Raise Concerns

Data collected by Healthline and YouGov in April find that Americans are experiencing significant and sustained increases in symptoms of depression as a result of COVID-19, with particularly increased anxiety levels among African-Americans as the national death toll reaches over 110,000, and unemployment levels have plummeted to a record low.

Coupled with the economic fears initiated by months of mandated lockdowns, the unhealthy effects of isolation, and grief, the Conversation reports that the risk of developing depression or similar serious mental health issues is eight times higher this year than previous years.

Despite this, there are still many obstacles in the way towards adequate mental healthcare for most affected Americans. To help address rising concerns, clinics around the country have begun turning towards telehealth to improve access during the pandemic. But research indicates that we will need a stronger response to mental healthcare issues or risk a clinical depression epidemic, according to scientists at the University of Washington.

The Role of Telehealth

To draw attention to the growing telehealth offerings around the country and the importance of better access to mental healthcare resources and services, Living With Depression is seeking to partner with local clinics, and help Americans seeking mental health services.

“We recognize that the need for clarity and awareness on the topic of mental health is greater than ever,” said the project’s co-owner. “Major depression and other mood disorders will be on the rise as a result of the economic damage this virus has caused, and with social distancing rules still in place, telehealth remains the best way for many to seek help.”

Regarding rising rates of anxiety, the owner said: “The first-line treatment for anxiety disorders remains pharmacology, but access to therapeutic care is equally important. However, mental healthcare in this country is strained and there are limits on what kind of care those who need it the most can afford.

“Symptoms of anxiety and depression are particularly high among those most likely to suffer from complications with the virus, including minorities and those affected by chronic conditions. COVID-19 has led insurance companies to rapidly expand their coverage, often to include telehealth, but more awareness is needed to earnestly tackle this growing issue.”

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