Looking For a Credible Source to Find Causes to Support During COVID-19? DanaMojo Makes it Simple

Founded by the Ex- CEO of Give India, DanaMojo is a payment solution platform for NGOs. The team has put together a credible list of more than forty NGOs engaged in critical relief work with the most vulnerable communities across India in this uncertain time.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India | June 3rd, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Balai Karmakar, a 60-year-old man, from Kalighat Road in West Bengal, has been unemployed since the beginning of the lockdown. His small cloth business is shut and has nothing except his 10*15 ft. room to live in. With hardly any food supplies, he lost the hope of survival.

Luckily, relief was on the way when one of the NGOs of Kolkata jumped into action to service the area where Karmakar stayed.

Karmakar says, ‘I’ve never been this excited by the sight of rice bags lying in the corner of the NGO’s office wanting to be distributed. Only one thought ran in my head: Aamra baanchbo!’

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the citizens and the NGOs of the country have volunteered in large numbers to help those affected with the lockdown.

Our medical professionals, police, and other central and state front-line workers are doing an excellent job keeping the country safe.

And partnering them on-ground are numerous NGOs that shifted gears almost overnight to help the vulnerable and affected communities such as guest workers, women suffering from domestic abuse, children who need counselling, the elderly, animals, the transgenders, those who need HIV medication; providing them with food and sanitation kits, hot meals, direct money transfer, COVID-19 treatment support, and personal protection equipment.

Now with the extended lockdown, there is a huge surge in the number of those who need support, and consequently, the need for funds for these NGOs has now become critical.

Many citizens have donated to their favourite or a popular NGO, or they have learnt about an NGO doing great work via their friends and family and made a contribution. Government trusts have emerged as popular as an option to donate to.

But what about those citizens who are still looking at a cause to champion, those who are looking to support multiple causes or donate to an NGO working close home.

And while doing, they also want to be absolutely sure that the contributions are reaching the intended NGO.

Finally, there is a solution.

DanaMojo, a payments solution platform for NGOs, has found a way to bridge the gap between these NGOs who need the funds and us, the citizens of the country, who want to ensure that their money is safe and reaches the intended audience.

The team connected with its clients working at the national and regional level on Covid19 relief work and put together a curated and credible list of these organisations. https://danamojo.org/covid-19/

All NGOs are compliant on the legal requirements needed to receive donations.

Included on the list are NGOs such as:

Goonj: Goonj has activated its pan India network of partner organisations and volunteers in urban and rural India supplying dry ration and personal care material in areas well known for migration and related geographies amongst many other initiatives.

Save the Children India: In Phase 1 of relief work, they provided over 6700 urban families with groceries, hygiene kits and direct bank transfers. In Phase 2, they plan to outreach to over 5000 families across the rural and urban poor in Maharashtra and New Delhi.

Ratna Nidhi Trust: Has been serving hot, nutritious khichdi every day to police officers, solid waste management workers of the BMC, hospital staff in Government hospitals and daily wage workers. 2,52,540 meals served since March 29th 2020 in Mumbai.

Apnalaya: 2,459 families in Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai have been given ration kits by Apnalaya, benefitting around 12,295 individuals in total.

Tarun Bharat Sangh: Operating in Rajasthan, they have delivered monthly ration to 7,500 families, packed food to 2,500 families, special nutrition kit to 1000 pregnant and lactating mother, three-ply mask to 5000 people and 5000-litre sanitisers in hospitals, gram-panchayat offices, schools, quarantine centres.

Jan Jagran Kendra: The organisation has provided to 1157 food packet to the people living in actuate crisis, daily wagers, migrants, artisans, those physically challenged and families who have lost their livelihood. Over 1000 masks produced by the SHG members and artisans have been distributed in vulnerable communities in the Hazaribagh district, Jharkhand.

Kolkata Gives: A philanthropic organisation based in Kolkata connecting donors and NGOs has facilitated indicatively 20 lac meals in 28 urban pockets and 13 rural pockets in Bengal.

One can find these and many of more NGOs working tirelessly on-ground on the list curated by DanaMojo.

Searching for an NGO is quick. Search based on two criteria.

Select basis the kind of relief work the NGOs are involved in. e.g. providing food & grocery, sanitation & hygiene kits, medical equipment, counselling etc.

Or select an NGO based on the community they are serving, such as displaced guest labour, slum dwellers, children, women or animals.

Once NGO working on a cause close to donor’s heart is selected, click on the donate button, and directly reach the NGO’s donation page to make the contribution, safe and secure!

Every act of kindness, no matter how small, helps.

If one is looking for a cause to support during the Covid19 pandemic and re-assurance that the money is reaching the right NGOs, look no further than here: https://danamojo.org/covid-19/

About DanaMojo:
DanaMojo is a payment solution platform for NGOs. Founded by Mr. Dhaval Udani, ex CEO of Give India, the team has put together a credible list of more than forty NGOs who are providing critical relief work with the most vulnerable communities across India in this uncertain time.

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