Lubbock Bariatric Surgery Clinic Now Licensee Of A Clinically-Proven Diet

West Texas Bariatric, based in Lubbock, has become a licensee of the HMR weight loss program.

Lubbock, TX – USA | March 17, 2021 –(Press Release Wire)– To some, bariatric surgery may seem like an easy way to achieve rapid weight loss. However, bariatric surgery patients still have to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and eat a low-calorie diet. Some patients fail at weight loss because they do not follow a diet low in calories in the long-term.

This West Texas bariatric surgery clinic addresses this problem through their clinic-based weight loss approach. West Texas Bariatric, based in Lubbock, has become a licensee of the HMR weight loss program.

The HMR weight loss program is a non-surgical, clinic-based diet regimen that has been named by U.S. News as one of their “best diets for fast weight loss” in 2020. It uses a radical approach that allows participants to eat as much as they wish, so long as they stick to a specific list of foods.

The way the HMR diet works is on a 3+2+5 system. 3+2+5 doesn’t sound very descriptive in itself, but it’s actually a very clever approach to one of the most common problems in weight loss: hunger. On the 3+2+5 system, a participant would consume 3 shakes known as HMR shakes, 2 HMR entree portions, and 5 services of fruits and vegetables.

Think those portions aren’t enough for the day? No problem, eat more food, so long as it’s an HMR-approved portion of food. HMR foods don’t just include fruits and vegetables: there are HMR pudding snacks and bars as well. This approach at weight loss aims to address two very common issues that people have when trying to lose weight: hunger and cravings.

By allowing as many portions of certain foods as the participant would like, nobody on the program has to worry about feeling hungry after they’ve hit a set limit on food consumption. And, by allowing participants to eat certain delicious low-calorie foods, they can satisfy cravings that they would otherwise give into if they were hungry.

West Texas Bariatric, a clinic specializing in procedures such as the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass in West Texas, now offers this program as a licensee as an alternative to bariatric surgery procedures.

“Our goal is to address this obesity epidemic that we’ve been dealing with for far too long,” says Dr. Travis Eggl, a board-certified bariatric surgeon at West Texas Bariatric. “We’re committed to providing the community with effective weight loss options, surgical and non-surgical. We provide HMR diets to those who do not qualify for bariatric surgery or those who would rather avoid going under the knife.”

West Texas Bariatric is a weight loss clinic based in Lubbock, TX that offers gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, HMR diets, and other weight loss interventions. Visit them at

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