Montclair, NJ Hip-Hop Artist

The 30-year-old rap artist is a Montclair native who started his first performance on Park Street across the YMCA in his hometown.

Glenridge, NJ – USA | May 15, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut — just some of the cities that have inspired iconic rap songs. The 30-year-old rap artist is a Montclair native who started his first performance on Park Street across the YMCA in his hometown.

Sean Cos Mason, a recent grad of Montclair High School who was born and raised in the diversity part of Essex County township, has composed and released a lyric to his hometown.

“It’s such a refreshing place,” Sean said in an interview about the town that inspired his rap song, “4 My World.”

He started writing the rap, he said, after hearing a new resident speak about the acceptance he felt soon after moving to the community.

“He was very emotional…he feels loved here,” Sean said. “Montclair is that kind of place.”

Sean was born in Newark, NJ. Raised in East Orange 6-years-old to 9-years-old and Montclair 10-years-old to presents. (Courtesy Sean Cos Mason aka Sean M)

That’s the feeling Sean said he was trying to get across when rapping about Montclair, which the song calls “4 My Town where it’s cool to be unique. Everybody’s nice here and welcome all creative musical arts. Montclair is an artistry community that welcomes everybody with a creative mind in the artist.”

The song speaks to Montclair’s reputation as a diverse, hip, and forward-thinking community.

The inclusive nature of the rap, Sean Cos Mason said, is not only part of his town’s culture, but indicative of what he does as an artist. He doesn’t rap about drugs, gun violence, or gang activity, he said. Sean, who was born Deshon Coleman, said he chose his stage name so he can be relatable, rememberable, and marketable in the music industry. He hopes the tunes will inspire others, he said.

Sean’s lyrical flow and wordplay are different that set him apart from other rappers. His song “4 My Town” from his “Round My Way” album is about daring to be different,” he said. In the song, Sean shouts out to people in his hometown with a hot beat. Sean said it’s refreshing to do your own thing with a unique flow that put a stamp on your signature style.”

Sean produced and recorded the song on his own and released it on Apple Music, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon music, TikTok, Instagram music, YoutTube, Deezer, Pandora, Google Play, and other major online music stores. “4 My Town was released on May 8, 2020.

The refreshing brand of positive rap, and the Jersey town that inspired it, have also garnered social media support.

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