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NFT-LOVING.COM is the new market that was established to increase the number of NFTs available for purchase on the platform. As an artist, Elliott is both highly known and unknown. His work has been shown in Milan, New York, and London, among other locations.

London, UK | January 27, 2022 –[Press Release Wire]– Elliot’s NFTs can be purchased through NFT-LOVING.COM, a website dedicated to the sale of his creations. The goal of this new market is to increase the amount of NFTs available for purchase on the platform. Elliot is a well-known and unknown artist whose arts and paintings have been displayed in Milan, New York, London in the past, and other sites. All NFTs on this site are listed at much lower costs as compared to other markets such as Opensea. Discounted NFTs will be available to customers in the future. On this site, you’ll find a selection of nfts that aren’t for sale anyplace else. Limited editions (only ten nfts were created) and one-of-a-kind models are available for those who are interested (only 1 minted).

NFT-LOVING.COM NFT Marketplace accepts XRP and a variety of other cryptocurrencies for payment. On, every single nfts purchased results in a Cashback in NFTL of 1:10 NFTL. For example, in the buyer’s possession, a 10$ order is worth 100NFTL. Part 2: The $NFTL Token merits notice for its additional benefit.

* To trade the native token of NFT-LOVING.COM, you can use Sologenic via this link:

* If you wish, you can participate in the presale phase by filling out this form:

* Moreover, on February 26, 2022, an NFTL token airdrop will be performed on the first 50,000 Trustlines set. Each trustline will receive 3000NFTL tokens. To participate, simply add the trustline in the Xumm app, via this link:

NFTL will not allow customers to buy goods but soon, on the NFT-LOVING.COM marketplace, will be added $NFTL as payment currency (at the moment are accepted XRP and other major cryptos), then, users could use NFTL to buy Elliot’s NFTs. In addition, soon will be added Auctions in addition to the fixed price. Only NFTL’s Holders, in fact, can participate in the auctions by placing bids. By this, will be the community defines the price of a large selection of Elliot’s NFTs. Additionally, In the future, NFTL members will be able to participate in exclusive events, such as physical experiences and other activities.

In conclusion, there are many partnerships being defined between NFT-LOVING.COM and other parties, which will certainly increase the number of NFTs present in the marketplace.

About Elliot:

Elliot is an eccentric unknown artist. Several places, including Rome, Milan, Paris, and New York, have already showcased Eliott’s physical works. For some NFTs, the holder is also entitled to get the physical print and the NFT. As a result, almost everything in the NFT-LOVING.COM collection is based on the idea of scarcity: the majority of nfts are available in only 10 pieces each, other in hundred editions and collections such as “Rareorgeous” is only 1 edition per NFT. Thus, the artworks are as unique as their price tag starting from 19,9 USD.

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