Online Educational Game Company Releases 2020 Remote Learning Guide

Legends of Learning, an online educational game company, recently released a guide on how to make remote learning work for administrators and teachers.

Washington, DC – USA | November 08, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Legends of Learning, an online educational game company, recently released a 2020 remote learning guide for administrators and teachers who are currently navigating the new realm of teaching remotely. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, teachers and administrators have been forced to transition into remote learning and this guide provides tips and information on how to make remote learning work.

The online educational game company begins their remote learning guide by discussing the benefits and challenges of implementing online learning for administrators, teachers, parents and students. Within this section, Legends of Learning references a previous study they conducted where they teamed up with researchers from Vanderbilt University to study the impact short curriculum-aligned games have on students in the classroom.

Legends of Learning continues by educating readers on the different types of content in online learning such as digital textbooks, video-based content, game-based learning and digital worksheets. After discussing the different types of content, the online educational game company then describes how game-based learning has been shown to increase engagement among students. The topic of game-based learning is then expanded upon as Legends of Learning explains how to effectively incorporate game-based learning in the classroom.

After educating readers on how to incorporate game-based learning in the classroom, the online educational game company reviews their own online educational game platform. The review of their platform includes how their games support a variety of learning objectives, the ease of tracking school and district progress for administrators and how their games are designed to align with national and state learning standards. Legends of Learning’s games and lesson plans align with learning standards such as SOL, NGSS, GSE and more.

Through the creation of this remote learning guide, the online educational game company hopes to provide administrators and teachers with enough insight to better implement remote learning. Legends of Learning online educational game platform has been shown to improve engagement, material comprehension and confidence of students ranging from elementary school to high school. For more information, reach out to Legends of Learning by calling (888) 585-1317 or by contacting them online at

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