Reinvent Yourself Through Lakedale Institute of Finance, UK

Lakedale recently launched to solve a gap in the market with innovative training programs.

London, United Kingdom | February 4, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Lakedale Institute of Finance, a UK based organization, that has spotted a gap in the market for trainings and financial advisory services aimed at Central Banks, Commercial and Small Finance Banks. With internationally well renowned banking experts on the team, Lakedale has created eight unique and innovative international training programs for 2020 using a more interactive and case study approach. These programs are located in cities across the globe: London, Dubai, Nairobi, Washington D.C. and Accra. These trainings are important to ensure long-term financial sustainability, being aware of potential risks and learning to manage them successfully with more effective policies and internal controls. in a rapidly changing financial landscape characterized by digital revolution.

As Lakedale’s Managing Partner, Ommara Raza Ali, emphasizes, “strengthening the capacity of staff is an essential ingredient to generate higher revenues, enhance outreach, increase operational efficiency and have more effective controls in a rapidly changing financial landscape characterized by digital revolution”.. The first training program will be taking place from 21-23 of April in London, UK. The focus of the initial training will be on Banking Supervisions and Regulations in a Digital and Deregulated Environment.

About Lakedale Institute:
The purpose of Lakedale Institute of Finance is to provide specialized education and training programs in banking, finance, economics and other related studies. Founded in January 2020, Lakedale envisions to be the leading training provider for banks. The company continues to research and develop new methods to deliver each training using participatory approach and case studies.

Press & Media Contact:
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Marketing Manager
Lakedale Institute of Finance
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