Slugn The Magazine Presents: Women Empowerment 2022

“Breaking barriers and Stigmas in Mental Health Awareness, Media Production and Women Entrepreneurs”

Las Vegas, NV, USA | February 15, 2022 –[Press Release Wire]– In association with Zandra Pollard of “ITS Where I Am” broadcasting from the campus of UNLV, KUNV 91.5FM Jazz and more. SLUGN THE MAGAZINE Presents: “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT 2022”.

S.L.U.G.N The Magazine is a print and online publication that focuses on issues such as gender equality, women’s empowerment, and the newest news that pertains to female issues. S.L.U.G.N The magazine intends to cover issues such as women’s clothing, fashion, music, and other topics that are likely to be of interest to readers.

Join us as we address and confront the Mental and physical oppressive stigmas created against women worldwide. The women’s conference held at UNLV this February 26th at 10:30 am- 2: 30 pm will address The cultural inhumane treatment of women from government, Media, Society and Corporate America. Family, community, and country health and well-being depend on the empowerment of women. To reach their full potential, women must be able to live safe and happy lives. Giving back to the community and raising happy and healthy kids are both good things.

Media, networking and Social Media have proven to be highly effective in our mission to address mental health awareness in film, politics television and corporate America. With expert panelist in attendance such as Ogechi Musa, writer, director, producer, Shatonna Nelson a survivor of sexual trauma and works on the federal level with slavery and human trafficking. Nelson continues to work on initiatives with Michelle and President Barack Obama. Louisa Eyler, a psychotherapist, professor, film producer and creator of a new television series, “Life Love and Lessons”. Each one of these panelists shares their involvement through media to promote mental health awareness, social change and emotional stability.

Attendees will begin their experience through the doors of the Greenspun building beginning at 10:30AM. There will be music, light refreshments, and resource tables. Attendees will also have the opportunity to provide their perspective on mental health and how to promote change on camera. The conference begins promptly at 11AM The conference will be recorded for ‘Its Where I Am’ with Zandra Pollard and broadcasted on KUNV 91.5 (Air date will be released the day of the event). for more info visit

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