SORIBA 2-in-1 on Kickstarter Now : The Only Comb & Scissors for Hair & Beard

SORIBA is 2-in-1 and the only Comb & Scissors for Hair & Beard

Macon, France | June 9th, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– It is the ultimate professional high quality stainless steel comb scissors. Designed and made in Europe.

Its campaign on Kickstarter has just been launched:

It will last until July 11th.

* It is the perfect combination between quality stainless steel scissors and a professional comb.
* It is the perfect tool for individuals who love perfect haircuts at all times of the day and cut their beards everywhere.
* It is also perfect for professionals who are looking for an original, innovative and quality tool to cut their clients’ hair faster and more efficiently.

SORIBA is the perfect new fashion tool for professional hairdressers : It also reduces the risk of injury and muscle fatigue.

Impossible to drop your comb with SORIBA since it is integrated into the scissors.

SORIBA is made from high quality professional stainless steel and incorporates rubber elements to improve comfort. It can be used by both right-handers and left-handers. The central pivot has several seals of quality guaranteed for many years. It can be ordered in Silver, Gold, Black and also in Pink if the campaign reaches 200% of the objective.

You can use SORIBA as a simple comb, a simple scissor or you can combine both. It is also possible to use it with another comb to save even more time and improve the quality of your haircuts.

SORIBA was invented by a talented professional hairdresser who already has 3 hairdressing salons in France. This invention allows him to save time, improve the quality of his cuts and no longer drop the comb. The inventor is passionate about DIY. He made the first prototype with his own hands in his own workshop. This prototype allowed him to test the product but also to approach manufacturers to produce the first series of products.

SORIBA was designed and invented by the French Hairdresser & designer Mr DIAKITE.

Contributions start from 22 euros. Delivery is possible worldwide.

This invention received the Silver Medal at the Lépine Competition in 2018.

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