Tech Invention Hands Peloton Riders a Modern Twist

GrooveOn enters the Peloton accessory market with a digital resistance device.

New York, NY – USA | November 08, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Peloton owners can now have it all thanks to GrooveOn, an electronic add-on that gives riders the ability to make resistance adjustments directly from their bike’s handlebars.  Currently, owners of the high-end stationary bike must release their grip to reach down and turn a knob to keep up with the frequent adjustments in every class. Mounting GrooveOn’s small control pad onto the handlebars now allows riders to simply tap their thumb when they want to raise or lower their resistance.

Multiple taps can be used for bigger increments. Two quick taps result in a 5-point boost. Three taps: 10. Four taps: 20. One long press brings riders back to their optimal cruising level. The changes are predictable and precise, which eliminates the irksome guesswork that can come when using the knob for adjustments.

GrooveOn was designed by technology engineer Joe Presto. Manually rotating a knob on the Peloton seemed outdated and unnecessarily tedious — somewhat like reaching for the knob on a car stereo rather than enjoying the modern-day convenience of audio controls on the steering wheel. He came up with a solution that he says leads to more ride enjoyment, better form, and higher output numbers, which is the ultimate goal for Peloton devotees.

“Creating the GrooveOn has been such an exciting endeavor,” says Presto, whose sales plan begins with a campaign on Kickstarter — the same funding platform where Peloton itself debuted. “I can’t wait for people to see how much it enhances their workout experience.”

Early testers of the GrooveOn include prominent figures in the Peloton world, like Crystal O’Keefe of the popular podcast The Clip Out and Matt Taylor, who moderates a 100K+ global community of Peloton owners on Reddit.

“This is a really cool product,” says O’Keefe. “I’ve had my GrooveOn for a year now and it takes riding your Peloton to a whole new level. Especially for those who do Power Zone rides. The GrooveOn makes the rides so much easier. It’s completely night and day.”

“The GrooveOn adds a feature to the Peloton that longtime riders have wanted but still didn’t receive with the bike’s recent design upgrade,” says Taylor. “This is such a clear, intuitive, easy-to-use solution.”

With more than 500,000 bikes sold and record attendance numbers for its live online classes and on-demand offerings, Peloton Interactive (which GrooveOn is not affiliated with) has a corner on the home fitness market. Sales, which surged 172% last quarter, continue to soar. With the launch of GrooveOn, Peloton’s devoted fans have even more reason to celebrate.

Press & Media Contact:
Jennifer Wulff
GrooveOn, LLC