“The Art of Email Security” Book Seeks To Help Companies Improve Their Cybersecurity Culture

Successful business leaders will need to create a strong cybersecurity culture in 2020, and StealthMail is ready to provide the necessary help.

San Francisco, CA – United States | February 4, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– StealthMail, a Microsoft One Commercial Partner, a company providing professional email security for businesses announces the release of “The Art of Email Security”.

The book offers companies a free educational source about the #1 business communication channel and the main target of cyberattacks in 2020. Authors address both non-technical users who are asked to deal with email to accomplish their work tasks, and security practitioners who work for smaller firms and don’t have enough resources to provide sufficient cybersecurity training.

“The Art of Email Security” is a peer production project involving StealthMail Team, known for inventing a Secure Dynamic Communication Network and Protocol and developing military-grade solutions for clients from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Cybersecurity experts that worked for companies like Amazon, IBM, HBO, Gartner, Bank of America, PepsiCo, United Nations, UNICEF, Walmart, AIG, DHL, Verizon, Capital One, Morgan Stanley, BoostAeroSpace, Ernst & Young, PwC contributed to the cause by offering their feedback, sharing their insights on the topic and promoting the book across their networks.

The offered writing attempts to break cybersecurity tropes, using language that everyone interested in improving their cyber hygiene could understand. Material provided within the book can educate users of different levels and get them up to speed on the best practices of email usage, and inform them about the most popular cyberattacks targeted at email.

“If you are worried that a cybersecurity book will be dry and technical, this one is a pleasant change. The book is a quick read, full of informative anecdotes mixed with cultural references to keep the reader interested. This book is geared towards the individual, not just a corporate security professional, and is written in a very conversational and humorous way,” 一 states Rick Doten, Head of Cyber and Information Security at Crumpton Group LLC and one fo the book contributors.

“Cybersecurity culture can certainly be a contributor to a healthy environment and a driver of change in companies that neglected the need for user education before. Cyberattacks rank as the seventh most likely and eighth most impactful risk provider for the global economy, so a change in the public stance is long overdue,” 一 says Dima Bull, CEO of StealthMail.

“Based on that knowledge and years of experience, we knew that just covering the technological part of the problem wouldn’t be sufficient, as people already get enough training and guides concerning application interfaces and services. However, they don’t get enough information about safe ways to operate within them,” 一 shares Evgen Verzun, the Chief Technical Officer at StealthMail.

Anyone interested in “The Art of Email Security” can download the book on StealthMail.com/education for free, or get a Kindle version on Amazon.com.

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