The Ellocent Labs Launched the OCR Solution Product for Scanning Documents

Think of software that can convert scanned images of handwritten, typed, or printed text into machine-encoded text mechanically or electronically! The same technology is introduced by Ellocent in the name of OCR Software and can process your work smartly.

Mohali, Punjab – India | November 07, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Ellocent Labs introduces impeccable software called OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which helps to digitize an article or a printed contract without any unnecessary hassles.

Mrs. Sundeep Kaur – The Owner of the Ellocent Labs is announced that Ellocent is a highly eminent IT company that works incessantly to bring evolutionary reforms and innovative solutions through the introduction of highly beneficial products and services.

The OCR software allows you to convert text and pictures from your scanned PDF document into the editable Excel format. In addition to this, it also saves your time and effort required for creating, processing, and repurposing the different papers. With this OCR system, the users can conveniently extract quotes from books and magazines, capture text outdoors from banners, posters, and timetables, fetch out data from paper documents and books, and use these obtained data for any useful purposes as well as create searchable PDF archives.

When it comes to the working mechanism, the OCR program analyses the structure of the document image. After that, the page divides into elements like blocks of texts, tables, photos, and lines divided into words and words into characters. Once the surfaces are singled out or separated, a group of pattern images formed, and numerous hypotheses are advanced relevant to the characters. These hypotheses are responsible for analyzing different variants of breaking of lines into words and words into aspects. In the end, after processing a vast number of probabilistic predictions, the program presents the final document.

With OCR, one can easily convert any documents, including scanned paper documents, PDF files, or images captured by a camera, into profuse, editable, and searchable data. Moreover, the user can easily pick out the defects like distortion at the sides or dim light that hinders the text’s accurate recognition. It also supports and enhances adaptive recognition technologies and varieties of other productive features for processing and glorifying camera images and other characters.

Generally, the method of usage divided into three stages:

1. The document is open or scanned and downloaded automatically.
2. The document format (DOC, RTF, XLS, PDF, HTML, and TXT) is recognized or saved.
3. Final data exported into Office applications like Google Drive, CSV, and Excel.

About the company:
Ellocent is a reputed entity established to provide end-to-end IT solutions and bring extraordinary innovation to the industry. It keenly focuses on delivering high-quality digital solutions adorned with revolutionary design and development services that include flexibility, professionalism, and integration to your business.