The January Money Diet No-Spending Challenge Starts January 1, 2020

The free 31-day January Money Diet helps people who spent too much money in December.

Denver, CO – USA, December 25, 2019 -(Press Release Wire)- Each January, thousands of people from all over the world embark on a collective 31-day financial fast with the January Money Diet. Returning for its 11th year, participants collectively cease all nonessential spending for the whole month, often with amazing results. Some readers pay down debt, others increase their savings, and some simply take a break from spending money after the holidays.

Author Eliza Cross, founder of The YOLO Blog, posts tips throughout the month for living well, reducing monthly expenses, DIY projects, free ways to have fun, meal planning, and recipes like easy (and inexpensive) homemade pizza. “Each year I’m amazed at how quickly money can accumulate when I’m not frittering it away on restaurant meals, impulse purchases and more stuff,” Cross says.

In the private Money Diet Community Facebook Group, participants share their money challenges and financial triumphs—like former participant Lynn Louise who wrote,”I saved almost $1,000.00 USD, and I honestly don’t feel like I deprived myself or my family of anything. I can’t think of why I would ever go back to the way I use to spend.”

The January Money Diet is free to join at and begins January 1, 2020.

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