This Craft Based Fashion Brand Is About To Launch A New Website

Hand printed and hand-woven items are waiting for U!

Bhopal, Madya Pradesh – India | January 20, 2021 –(Press Release Wire)– Handicrafts serve as a reflection of traditional identity of people of a particular region. India is a place which is utterly rich in its variety and diversity. With the advent of such distinct ideologies, traditions and customs, India and its handicrafts have always been a long-living legacy. We have the caliber to intertwine technology with culture and tradition with innovation. The only formula to do this is that we keep the tradition alive and should have adequate admiration for the same.

The only stumbling block we have here is that we as a society don’t give ample attention and respect to the artisan and his craft. These handicrafts are a result of activities done by self-evolving societies in the past. No one went to faraway lands to bring raw materials, they just used to maneuver whatever surrounded them. Even the source of inspiration for them was their first sight around. For each of the entity that they made, they had special purposes for that.

When you make something with your hands, you tend to put you heart and soul into its making. In today’s competing world, these pieces of excellence have an astonishing ground to win. Nothing can take away the joy and mesmerizing emotions of a bride who gets a traditional handloom, hand embroidered or maybe hand printed or dyed Odhni from her parents on the day of her wedding. These traditions and customs are all incomplete without these little touches of our arts and crafts. The handicraft sector carries the stigma of inferiority and backwardness, and is viewed as decorative, peripheral and elitist, with the advent of industrialization. With such drawbacks and falsified image creation, we need our youth to show some great support.

With such great ideals and values, comes the team of U & Me. U & Me is an establishment done by handicrafts supporters and admirers, namely Eshaa Singh and Abhishek Raj. These young and talented people have come across many handicrafts in their recent lives. The tragedy of artisans opting for other sources of livelihood and people not really acknowledging the uphill battle behind the making of each product hit both these noteworthy people really hard.

Now, U & Me is about to launch a new website on 25th January 2021 for all the handicrafts lovers and newbies, who are new to loving and knowing this world of handmade subtilities. The new website is a beautiful and prepossessing portfolio of the products they offer. The product range that they offer is quite versatile and is a great showcase of handicrafts such as Bagh printing, Chanderi, Maheshwari, Dabu printing, and much more. Along with selling hand-printed fabrics and Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees, they offer a distinct range of products such as womenswear and menswear garments, home décor, stationery products such as laptop sleeves and file folders, and much more. With their vast display of products, they aim at bringing qualitative craftsmanship and its appraisal by the audiences.

The new website ( is designed and made to create a never-forgetting experience for the users. The website is well built with all the addons necessary for its smooth functioning. Even with all the advancements, the website aims at giving the user an experience quite near to actually visiting a handicraft hamlet.

Press & Media Contact:
Abhishek Raj, Co-Founder
U & Me
79, Sector – C, Indrapuri,
Bhopal – 462 022
Madya Pradesh, India
+91 75666 80057