Tomahawk Robotics Announces Kinova Partnership

Tomahawk Robotics and Kinova Partner to Offer Highly Flexible Robotic Control Solutions for Professional, Assistive and Research Robotics.

Melbourne, FL – USA, August 28, 2019 -(Press Release Wire)- Tomahawk Robotics, an innovator of robotic control software, is partnering with Kinova a recognized leader in robotic manipulation technologies. This collaboration will enable Tomahawk’s Kinesis robotic control software to be used with Kinova robotic arms. This technology combination will facilitate the use of these arms with a range of different mobility platforms as well as the ability to deploy a library of robotic behaviors via third party development environments such as AWS Robomaker.

Tomahawk Robotics’ UxV control system, Kinesis, is an intuitive and safe robotic user interface system. From robotic systems in the air, ground or water, Kinesis enables seamless control of the platforms and payloads in an intuitive way.

“We’ve used Kinova’s robotic technologies, specifically the GEN 2 and GEN 3 arm, extensively since establishing Tomahawk Robotics for testing as well as customer applications of Kinesis and have had great success doing so. These combined technologies bring the best of both companies to the fore. Tomahawk offers technology that enables the easy and safe use of robotics across different platforms while Kinova’s GEN 2 and GEN are superb robotic arms that are excellent for a host of applications. The combination of Kinesis with these technologies allows users to easily integrate the arms on to a host of mobility platforms as well as control these arms via a range of end user devices such as smart phones. This partnership is intended to open this capability to a broader set of customers,” said Brad Truesdell, CEO of Tomahawk Robotics.

A core element of the Kinesis software stack is the ability to work across different UxV platforms and payloads. This ability drastically reduces integration costs of new capabilities and custom systems. Robotics companies like Kinova can now leverage emerging state-of-the-art technologies, such as AI and machine learning algorithms, and deploy them efficiently alongside their robotic platforms to enable a wider range of use cases. This will improve the utility of robotic systems as well as improve the ability of customers to effectively manage robotic technologies.

“Extensible common control reduces integration costs, opens up a wider range of use cases and makes the use of robotics technology accessible to a broader cross section of the population. This is right in line with our vision to empower humanity through robotics,” said Charles Deguire, CEO of Kinova. “This partnership allows for Kinova robotics technologies to address a wider range of needs through greater versatility and ultimately a lower price point.  The combination will undoubtedly help people use robotics more efficiently and more safely.”

About Tomahawk Robotics:
Tomahawk Robotics is a market leader and innovator of robotic control solutions serving Security & Defense, Energy & Infrastructure, and Assistive Robotics markets. Tomahawk Robotics is committed to driving enterprise adoption of robotics by reducing cost and making robotic systems easier to use through intuitive, user-centric design. Tomahawk’s Kinesis product line is a collaborative, one-to-many control system, enables users to seamlessly manipulate their environment from across the room or around the world.

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About Kinova:
Kinova is a global leader in innovation robotics. Founded in 2006 in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada, Kinova’s mission was initially to empower individuals with upper-body limitations through assistive robotics. Over a decade later, the company has evolved its solutions and product suite to service new markets — helping researchers, medical professionals, governments, businesses, and educational institutions achieve their innovation goals through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts.

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