Trends in PR and Communications in 2021 by Dubai PR Agency Iris PR

Iris Public Relations, a top PR agency in Dubai, shares the trends that will govern 2021.

Dubai, UAE | January 4, 2021 –(Press Release Wire)– Just like every other industry, PR and communications sector was affected in 2020. So, what has 2021 in store for PR agencies in Dubai and all Digital and communications professionals globally? Here, Iris Public Relations, a top PR agency in Dubai, shares the trends that will govern 2021.

Communication On Diversity:

2020 was not only the year of the pandemic, it was also the year that diversity became the talk of the town. Companies came forward to show their support for people of all race and backgrounds, workplace policies were overhauled to become more inclusive and, we expect this trend to continue. Brands will focus their marketing and communications on values of empathy, diversity and inclusion in 2021.

Expand Your Reach:

Apart from influential media, make sure you also have a list of bloggers, podcasters and non-traditional media outlets in your outreach list.

Digital Is Going To Explode:

Live digital events, podcasting, and livestreaming is going to take over communications and events. Unlike pre-produced content, live video encourages viewers to participate in a conversation in real-time and be more engaged. Interest in podcasts is also increasing, they are a great way to position companies as thought leaders.

Share, Share, Share Everywhere:

Digital media was already capturing everyone’s attention and this trend is only going to continue. Share your PR coverage on your social platforms, don’t be shy! Engage with the same earned piece of media if you see it retweeted or reposted by your followers. The more you circulate the story, the more people will see it.

Data Is The Key:

Content campaigns will be based on customer data, based on what, where and how they consume it. Communication will become more focused, creative and measurable.

Influencer Campaigns:

Ask your client to factor in a budget for influencer reviews and campaigns that can generate alternate forms of coverage. Always be careful that you target the right influencer for every campaign. Ever since Covid brought about social distancing restrictions, consumers have spent more time on social platforms and companies found using influencer content useful to reach them.

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