Two Asteroids Discovered by a 14-Year-old Indian Kid During Spaceport India Asteroid Search Event

At the young age of 14, A.R. Siva Piriyan of Tamil Nadu has discovered not one but two asteroids during the Spaceport India Asteroid Search Campaign in association with IASC.

Delhi, India | May 08, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– At the young age of 14, A.R. Siva Piriyan of Tamil Nadu (Grade 9 student) has discovered not one but TWO asteroids during the Spaceport India Asteroid Search Campaign (organized by Spaceport India Foundation, STEAM Education & Research Not for Profit) in association with IASC. His discovery has been designated as 2019 SH42 and 2019 SQ25 and is soon to be made a part of the world’s minor body catalogue maintained by the International Astronomical Union in Paris.

The event took place in September-October 2019, and the technical report of probable Asteroids identified by him were shared for further confirmation to IAU MPC (International Astronomical Union – Minor Planet Center). The MPC is responsible for the identification, designation and orbit computation of all minor planets, comets and outer irregular natural satellites of the major planets. MPC will keep all the measurement data of these two Asteroids in their database for years to come and will monitor further to keep a track of them.

As per him “I was really excited and my parents were proud of me when the news came in early morning via Spaceport India Team on Wednesday that I have discovered Two asteroids during the event participation. I sincerely thank Spaceport India Founder Sameer sir for technical guidance and support required to participate in this event”.

Siva Piriyan has also participated in NASA Scientist for a Day last year and was one of the Winners from India in his grade category, where Kids from around the country have participated. A.R. Siva Piriyan is a passionate Space enthusiast and aspires to become Scientist- Astronomy and Astrophysics. At the tender age of 6, he visited the space exhibition at Coimbatore and started taking interest in the field of Astronomy and how things work. He curious mind and always keep on learning new concepts in the field of Astronomy.

As per Spaceport India Founder Sameer Sachdeva “Asteroids are an unknown threat to our planet and identification of even a small Asteroid around us or even Mars-Jupiter asteroid belt is critical. There are handful of Kids from India of his age who have made it so far. Spaceport India Team organizes Asteroid search event almost throughout the year where various schools, colleges, and even parents participate to learn, understand and explore the unknown space objects. Participants are trained and guided to analyse the images taken by Remote Telescope (Haleakala Observatory) in collaboration with IASC and they learn how to identify unknown objects, if any.”.

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