Vivaldi Crumbles Cookie Dialogs, Raises the Bar on Privacy and Design

Vivaldi 3.8 offers relief from annoying cookie dialogs and Google’s FLoC, an invasive privacy technology. Rebuilds its Panels and adds quick bookmarking options.

Oslo, Norway | May, 12, 2021 –[Press Release Wire]– There are browsers, and then there is Vivaldi. Going against the grain is something that Vivaldi takes pride in. It gives users plenty of features while protecting their privacy.

In the latest version, there’s a new option to block cookie dialogs and banners that will help save time and unnecessary clicks, so that users can get on with what they came for – browsing.

Vivaldi continues to tackle privacy issues plaguing the internet such as data collection, user tracking, and profiling including FLoC, Google’s latest privacy-invasive technology.

Vivaldi’s signature Panels are now more customizable with a design overhaul and fresh options that will spice up the look of the browser and how users interact with it. There are also new quicker bookmarking options.

Vivaldi 3.8 is now available for free download on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.

“If you want it to work in a certain way – and it’s something we can reasonably do – we tend to do it. This is a simple approach that helps us focus on your privacy, productivity and the way you interact with your browser,” Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner says.

Other new bits in Vivaldi 3.8:

  • Disable Mouse Gestures: Just like Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse Gestures can now be turned on and off in Quick Commands.
  • Add “Extensions” to Quick Commands: The previous version bolded the keyword when searched for in Quick Commands. From now on, users can now open extension pop-ups through Quick Commands by just typing in the extension’s name.

About Vivaldi Technologies:
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