West Valley Detox: Safety Measures During COVID-19

West Valley Detox has been planned for a long time and its initiators have been working hard on opening the treatment program.

Los Angeles, CA – USA | June 18th, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– West Valley Detox has been planned for a long time and its initiators have been working hard on opening the treatment program. Our facility offers detoxification services licensed by the Department of Health Care Services as a facility approved to offer Incidental Medical Services. This allows us to bring in physicians and nursing into a residential environment. However, the situation with COVID-19 has forced us to change plans and to open the center as early as possible. Our Specialists implemented All COVID-19 CDC suggestions and infection control precautions.

Special care:
The goal of the treatment center is to help people detox from substances and devise a treatment plan that will sustain recovery throughout the rest of their lives. We are equipped to treat addictions for alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, and addictions to other substances.

The coronavirus has brought new anxieties and fears to our lives. It has caused many to worry about themselves and their loved ones.

As a result of this pandemic, many people are using drugs and alcohol at unprecedented levels. Many are using substances as a way to self-medicate and deal with their depression and anxiety. For those individuals who already suffer from depression and anxiety the current issues related to COVID-19 exacerbate their symptoms.

“We are ready to counter the psychological fall-out of COVID-19 with professional and effective defense,” says Brent Bowers, Director West Valley Detox. “We have several years of treatment-specific experience in the detox and the rehabilitation field providing the best results for our patients.”

The very fact of opening a new professional detox center is of great importance and is sorely needed. According to statistics almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive treatment.

The treatment center is scheduled to open today despite the pandemic. We are eager to offer services to those who have self-quarantined and have suffered silently with depression, anxiety and substance use disorders.

Detoxification, or detox, is a process that allows you to remove drugs from the body. The detox procedure for drug addiction is not a substitute for treatment.

Typically, complex treatment includes:

* Complete body cleansing not only from the drug but also from the products of its decay. It is especially important to remove the poison from adipose tissue, where it can persist for years.

* Helping the internal organs to restore their normal performance.

* Restoring the body defenses.

* Bringing metabolic processes to normal.

* Work aimed at restoring the nervous system and mental state of the addict.

All these are serious and important steps to recovery. These steps are best carried out under the close supervision of qualified and experienced treatment specialists like the staff at West Valley Detox.

“We are with you and we will help you!” – says Brent Bowers, Director, West Valley Detox.

Please visit www.westvalleydetox.com to learn more.

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