YFRS Creates the Perfect Marketing Scenario For Online Brands

Most brands live and die by email marketing, which for the most part builds extremely finite consumer relationship bonding. Acquiring 4,000+ users with-in the first 5 days of launching, “YFRS (Ya Favorite Rap Singer)” aka “Rap$inger” has innovated Fan Relationship Management (FRM) using Twilio (Programmable SMS Text) and Cashapp.

Los Angeles, CA – USA | July 07, 2020 –(Press Release Wire)– Rap$inger has taken the time to create what seems like his own social media platform of sorts, which closely resembles “YouTube” functioning as a social media arcade. Rap$inger says, “People have always tried to separate my tech side, from my musically creative side like they are 2 separate people. I believe in today’s climate, being tech savvy, financially literate, and musically inclined are 3 necessary tools to successfully become a music mogul”. As engagement is key to any brands survival and monetary success, Rap$inger seems to be speeding in a strategic direction.

How Does It Work?
Users earn points on https://yfrsofficial.com by: Voting on Posts, Leaving Comments, Direct Messaging, Customizing their Profiles, etc. Once points are acquired they have the ability to turn those points in for cash prizes which are “AirDropped” directly from “Rap$inger” using Cashapp. More details available here: https://yfrsofficial.com/rules/

Why Are You Doing This?
“I remember how big it was when YouTube changed the monetization game by pre-rolling ads over user created music videos, when seemingly unreachable tv broadcast platforms like BET, MTV, VH1 etc. were the main outlets to massive awareness for musical brands. I’m disrupting the artist to fan communication relationship with my newly launched platform (https://YFRSOfficial.com) by allowing fans engagement to have online real estate value, the same way artists have value on streaming platforms”.

Whats Next?
Rap$inger says his immediate goal is reaching 10,000 Users and maintaining high content engagement rates. He plans to continue debuting his new marketing capabilities, scaling his audience by promoting exclusive music content, collaborating with brand sponsors, and creating native ad space to increase market value for his new platform.

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